Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jumping on the bandwagon - late

Okay, I give in. I'll read it! I just starting reading this...

I felt like I was committing some kind of blasphemy by not reading it, so I gave it. I'm about halfway through the first book, and I have to admit - I'm really enjoying it.

On other fronts, Dish Rag Tag is scheduled to start on August 1st! We've by far got the best team! Everyone is geared up and ready to go! Only one person hasn't checked in. Yoo-hoo, Nancy, come out, come out, wherever you are! We don't bite!


Wednesday, July 04, 2007


The weirdest thing happened here over the weekend. I went in to my office and looked out in the yard and what do I see? A strange man in my pool! My hubby went out there and the guy was passed out drunk with an empty half gallon of Jack Daniels sitting next to him. Oh yeah, and he was naked!

I called 911 and the operator thought it was hysterical. We had 5 cop cars, the K-9 unit, an ambulance, and a fire truck here. I think everybody just wanted to see this guy! The cops were poking him with a pool noodle to try to wake him up. When that didn't work they starting smacking him with it. When that didn't work they briefly debated when to taser him, but then decided that since he was sitting in a large body of water, that would be a bad idea. They drug him out of the pool; guy's still passed out. Took him to the ambulance; guy's still passed out. He was like in an alcohol induced coma. He just could not be woke up!

Anyway, I found out later that this guy walked out of the CVS down the street from us the night before with the bottle of Jack. A $50 bottle of booze, just walked out of the store with it! Crazy!

I'm still trying to find out what's going on with this. I have a call in to the police to see if they found out who the guy was (he had no ID), if the guy is okay, and then if he is going to be charged with anything! My kids saw this freak, too. Scared the crap out of them!

Anyway! On the knitting side, I started my Mystery Stole 3. I have gotten about the first 28 rows done. I hope to be more done so I can get a pic up soon!

Oh yeah! HAPPY 4TH!

Okay, got to go check the pool for drunk, naked guys!