Thursday, March 29, 2007

Unfinished Projects

Hello! It has been forever since I have posted {bad blogger!} I have decided that I would like to start posting again, hopefully someone will want to start reading again!

I have decided this morning that I have way too many projects going on at one time. I need to start finishing some of these up before I start anything else. I also got to thinking that this blog is also an unfinished project, so here I am!

I have posted a list of unfinished knitting projects over there ----> to try and keep me honest about finishing some of them. I have been working diligently on my Color Blox Sox that I started oh back in June 2006. Time to finish them, I think. They are my first pair of toe up socks, and I got a little discouraged after I finished the first one because I had such a hard time getting through it. The second sock has gone much better for me and I am almost finished. Then I will get to cross something off my list!

I do admit that I do have to start a new project soon. I want to knit a lace caplet for my daughter's 1st Communion in May. I will have to start on this soon, but I have been unable to find a pattern that I love.

Well, I don't want to bore anyone (though I am not sure there is anyone out there to bore!) I am going to get some projects done and some pics up soon!

Great to be back!