Friday, April 28, 2006


I have a real problem with the movie United Flight 93. I just don't think it is right to make this movie. It is just too much too soon. I don't think most people are over 9/11 yet, I know I'm not. I think that the "entertainment" industry is all too eager to make a profit off the tragedy of others. This is a tragedy for the whole nation and I think we still need time to heal.

Just my opinion.

First Pair - DONE!

Well, I have successfully completed my first pair of socks! Woo-hoo! Wanna see them? They are really nothing special as far as socks go, but I am really proud that I finished them, they fit, and they look alright! There were a lot of new techniques involved in these for me.

I also started a new pair of socks. I joined the Six Sox Knitalong. They are doing a really fun pattern right now called "sixth sense." I was a little bit worried because I am still relatively new to knitting and have not done a real pattern stitch yet. But the pattern was easy and fun! I can't wait to see what they look like finished!

Family time! My kids love to swing! We had a very beautiful week for spring break last week and we went to the park several times. Now, my girls both liked to swing when they were babies, Sarah more than Emily, but Matthew just absolutely LOVES it! I can put him in the baby swing and leave him there for an hour and he still would not be bored with it!

Here we are at Metro Beach Tot Lot enjoying the beautiful day!
You know, I have a hard time finding the time to keep up with this whole blogging thing, but when I get started I find I have just a million things to say! The reason I think I can't find the time is because I like to look at other blogs with PICTURES! I have to admit when I look at a blog, I just scroll down and look at the pictures. If a picture catches my eye, then I will read the post! Ooo, I just know I am getting about a dozen dirty looks for that little admission! Because of this, I feel that I have to have pictures in my posts, and for some reason posting pictures takes FOREVER! Maybe I am doing something wrong - scratch that - I KNOW I am doing something wrong! I have to be.

Well, I guess one day I will figure all this stuff out! That's half the fun of doing this, right?

This is getting long winded so I am out of here! More later...

* see my problem with this whole picture thing? How do you turn this? I swear, I have been trying to upload these pictures for about 3 HOURS! I had one more I wanted to upload, but I give up now!

(does anyone else find it odd that the Blogger spell check doesn't recognize the word BLOGGER?!?)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone has a great Easter! It is beautiful here is Michigan! It is sunny and warm! Makes we want to go outside and garden!

Well, Matthew is not only crawling now, he's pulling himself up to stand, and this morning for the first time, he cruised the couch! My little boy is growing up too fast. Here is a pic of him eating/wearing cheerios this morning! The kid loves to eat!

Emily and Sarah are growing fast, too. Emily is reading very well now. And Sarah is slowly but surely learning her numbers and letters in preschool.

Okay, so now I am taking pictures of my socks! I felt really weird taking this picture, but here is my very first finished sock! It turned out a lot better than I thought it would, and it fits! Now, I just have to cast on the second one, but I really want to cast on the sock that they are doing in the Six Sox Knit Along! I really don't want to fall into the second sock trap, so I think I will just cast on this sock and get it done with.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

New Yarn, New Addiction

I have become addicted to sock knitting! And I haven't even finished my first sock! I'd take a picture of what I got done, but the batteries just died on my camera! Figures! But the sock actually fits! I can't believe it. When I first started on it I thought perhaps it would be too small. I had decided that I would give it to my mom for Mother's Day, but I tried it on this morning and the dang things fits! Well, maybe I will still give them to mom, but no promises.

I went to a *real* yarn store this weekend. I just kind of stood in awe for a few minutes after entering the store. It took me about an hour to go around and just look at everything about three times. I finally decided on a couple of things (to make socks with of course!) Here's what I got:

I have to work on my photography skills. You can't really tell the beautiful colors of this yarn from these pictures. The silky wool is a wool silk blend and really soft. The orange and yellow is cotton and part of my Project Spectrum as orange and yellow is the color for April.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Bye Bye Birdy

I had to turn over my bird to the animal hospital. She became egg bound. She just couldn't lay her egg. Poor little thing had this egg half in and half out. I took her to the hospital. I had kind of hoped this could just pluck it out, but no, it was still attached to her and she needs to have an eggectomy (not sure if this is a technical term.) The whole operation was going to cost almost $300! I just couldn't do it. The hospital gave me the option to sign her over to them and they would take care of the cost and then adopt her out. Well, bye bye birdy. I feel sad that she is gone, but this was by far a better option than have her put down. Hopefully they will be able to save her and she will go to a new home.