Friday, August 03, 2007


Dish Rag Tag started on Wednesday. I'm waiting for my box! I've got everything all set to go: yarn, pattern, goodies! All I need is my box! I hope it comes today. I get my mail at around noon, so if I get it today and things go good, I might even be able to get it back in the mail today. Probably not, but hey it's good to have a stretch goal! I did a test run on my pattern yesterday - this one - and I completed easily in the afternoon.



Jennifer said...

Hey there Jennifer (MI) : )

I was wondering if I could get the chart for the pug dishcloth you made me (which I love, by the way - did you see the pics on can totally see the pug face...too cute!!). I am participating in a Pay it Forward Exchange (see my blog for details if you haven't heard of it) and one of the people I'm sending a handmade gift to has pugs, so I thought that would be a perfect gift for her. Anyway, if you don't mind sharing your chart, my email addy is pugaholic at sbcglobal dot net

Thanks and hope you are having a great weekend!

Karen said...

Hi, I saw your link on mason dixon and loved the cloth you did for the Dish Rag Tag. Funny thing though, I had seen this stitch pattern in a magazine and they used it for a bag. I thought it looked great, so I just added a border, and knit away... mine looks just like yours, well except in a different color... :) Is this a real pattern or did you just kinda do it too? (and do you mind if ask why you didn't go with the cable one? that one is very pretty also...)

Thanks, and Go Team!