Thursday, May 25, 2006

Too Many UFOs!

I have way too many unfinished objects lying around! I have decided that I need to finish some of these things before starting anything else! (Yeah, right)

Here's a pic of just a few of the things I have going on right now.

Let's see there are the piles of fleece and crochet thread for making preemie blankets (buried under all this stuff,) unfinished bears and mother's tears hankies for grieving families; yarn for making scarves for DD's Santa Shop; quilt kit for DS; misc hats, booties, and preemie outfits that must be packaged and sent out to the Preemie Project; satin for DD's pj's; flannel for baby blankets!

That's just the stuff I had out to take a pic of! That doesn't include the socks I have on my needles; all the baby yarn I have bought to make hats, booties, blankets, squares, bereavement outfits, etc. I also have 10 skiens of beautiful natural chocolate brown Alpaca yarn to make myself "something," not sure what; the orange, yellow, and variegated cotton yarn I bought thinking I was going to make socks (but it was too thick so I think I'll make a swimsuit coverup;) blue silky wool that I think I'll make branching out with; on and on and on!

This is mostly just my knitting stuff! This doesn't include the piles of pictures I have yet to scrapbook. I haven't even started my son's scrapbook and he is going to 1-year-old in the next month!

OMG! My head is spinning just thinking about everything that I want to get done, and the fact that I will be lucky to complete about 10% of this!

Okay, just to keep my sanity, here is a FO!

This is a baby blanket made for Sarah's preschool teacher who recently had a baby girl.

Pattern: Sweet Baby of Mine Blanket from Encyclopedia of Knitting

Needles: Clover bamboo size 6 circulars

Yarn: BernatCottonTots 100% cotton

finally, some progress!

Oh, one more thing to put on the to do list: Learn to take better pictures!

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