Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Secret Pal!

I got my package from my Secret Pal! I am a little late in posting about it, I got it about a week ago! I still can't post from my computer with pictures and I am lazy about getting down into the basement to post.

So, here is a picture of everything that was in the package:
Here's a list:
* 3 colors Wool of the Andes by Knit Picks
* 2 colors of Plymouth Encore
* Trekking XXL sock yarn
* 2 colors of Plymouth Dreambaby in beautiful blues
* Paytons metallic yarn in purple
* Knit Picks shine
* Beautiful and soft hand knit face cloth
* Beautiful handmade stick markers in a cute tin
* 2 tape measures (which is perfect because I am always misplacing mine!)
* A journal
* The hedgehog pattern I really, really wanted!
* A great sock pattern.
* A baby hat and sock pattern
* A book of sticky labels
* 2 wonderful smelling bath gels
* Baby bee balm (which is great for the baby and me!)
* metallic roving
* A very cute decorated yarn jar with froggies and three kids representing my own three monkeys
* Tin of cinnamon mints
* Disk with a collection of patterns
* Cute note cards with a knitting motif

Phew! I'm out of breath! I think I remembered everything in there! It was a great gift from my secret pal Tina!

She has some great pictures up on her bloc that really show off the face cloth that she knit and also of the yarn jar she decorated.

Thank you so much, Tina! You made it worth the wait for that package! It was all I could think about for the whole week! Even now I just want to go on and on about all the great stuff in that box! I can't wait to get started on my hedgehog pattern. I have some wool yarn that I think will felt up for it, but I have to do a test swatch first. I also think that I am going to try dyeing it first with some collate because it is just a boring beige. I'll see how it felts first and then decide.

Okay, I feel better now. I have been kicking myself in the rear all week to post this because I really wanted to give Tina all the credit she deserved for that! She was a wonderful secret pal and really made my experince in this great!

Now, I have to get my last package done and off to my secret pal!

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franklyknit said...

I love it!!!!! I would like to steal your secret pal. Some of my favorite yarns all around.