Wednesday, April 12, 2006

New Yarn, New Addiction

I have become addicted to sock knitting! And I haven't even finished my first sock! I'd take a picture of what I got done, but the batteries just died on my camera! Figures! But the sock actually fits! I can't believe it. When I first started on it I thought perhaps it would be too small. I had decided that I would give it to my mom for Mother's Day, but I tried it on this morning and the dang things fits! Well, maybe I will still give them to mom, but no promises.

I went to a *real* yarn store this weekend. I just kind of stood in awe for a few minutes after entering the store. It took me about an hour to go around and just look at everything about three times. I finally decided on a couple of things (to make socks with of course!) Here's what I got:

I have to work on my photography skills. You can't really tell the beautiful colors of this yarn from these pictures. The silky wool is a wool silk blend and really soft. The orange and yellow is cotton and part of my Project Spectrum as orange and yellow is the color for April.

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