Monday, April 10, 2006

Bye Bye Birdy

I had to turn over my bird to the animal hospital. She became egg bound. She just couldn't lay her egg. Poor little thing had this egg half in and half out. I took her to the hospital. I had kind of hoped this could just pluck it out, but no, it was still attached to her and she needs to have an eggectomy (not sure if this is a technical term.) The whole operation was going to cost almost $300! I just couldn't do it. The hospital gave me the option to sign her over to them and they would take care of the cost and then adopt her out. Well, bye bye birdy. I feel sad that she is gone, but this was by far a better option than have her put down. Hopefully they will be able to save her and she will go to a new home.

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Cerella said...

Ah, your poor birdie! I probably would have done the SAME thing!